Day 3 challenge is to not eat any fried food.



How to do it?

With a bit of creativity, we can revamp our favourite fried foods so they can be enjoyed guilt-free. 

Try baking with a coating of bread crumbs instead of deep-frying. This is a great way of mimicking the crunchiness and preserving the tender texture.

French fries can be replaced by oven-baked yam (or sweet potato) fries. 

Fish and chips can be replaced by oven-baked fish that is coated with rolled oat.

Fried chicken can be replaced by a grilled version, opting for white meat and peeling the skin. 

Schnitzel can be replaced by crispy oven-baked pork chop.



Why it matters?

Fried foods clog arteries and lead to strokes and Alzeimer’s.

Clogged veins and arteries cause heart attacks.

The saturated fat and trans fat in deep-fried foods increase your risk for cancer and obesity.

Fried food is inflammatory and creates problems with joints.