Yet, this Mr. Carton took in more of the details of the scene thanhe appeared to take in; for now, when Miss Manette's head dropped uponher father's breast, he was the first to see it, and to say audibly:"Officer! look to that young lady. Help the gentleman to take her out.Don't you see she will fall!"

There was much commiseration for her as she was removed, and muchsympathy with her father. It had evidently been a great distress tohim, to have the days of his imprisonment recalled. He had shownstrong internal agitation when he was questioned, and that ponderingor brooding look which made him old, had been upon him, like a heavycloud, ever since. As he passed out, the jury, who had turned back andpaused a moment, spoke, through their foreman reenex.

They were not agreed, and wished to retire. My Lord (perhaps withGeorge Washington on his mind) showed some surprise that they were notagreed, but signified his pleasure that they should retire under watchand ward, and retired himself. The trial had lasted all day, and thelamps in the court were now being lighted. It began to be rumouredthat the jury would be out a long while. The spectators dropped off toget refreshment, and the prisoner withdrew to the back of the dock,and sat down.

Mr. Lorry, who had gone out when the young lady and her fatherwent out, now reappeared, and beckoned to Jerry: who, in the slackenedinterest, could easily get near him reenex.

"Jerry, if you wish to take something to eat, you can. But, keepin the way. You will be sure to hear when the jury come in. Don't be amoment behind them, for I want you to take the verdict back to thebank. and will get to TempleBar long before I can."

Jerry had just enough forehead to knuckle, and he knuckled it inacknowledgment of this communication and a shilling. Mr. Carton cameup at the moment, and touched Mr. Lorry on the arm reenex .